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May 20 2002, 16:06 UNIAN

May 19-20 temperature drop leaves crops unharmed

UNIAN reported that crops planted did not suffer from sharp temperature fluctuation which was registered in Ukraine as of May 19-20, said the AIC Minister Ryzhouk.

According to him, the eastern side of Ukraine did not provide full information about the incident. Certain marsh areas in Volyn and Rivne Oblasts usually suffer from frosts because of lowland landscape. But in general frosts did not become a country disaster.

The Minister believes that hot weather, which has been going on for the past 10 days, is more disastrous as southern and eastern regions showed moisture level 3 times slower than the norm.

However, the Minister believes that the crop should resist the calamity due to timely planting and adequately applied mineral fertilizers.

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