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May 21 2002, 16:27 UNIAN

Zhytomyr Bread starts to pay out dividends

UNIAN reported that the board of directors at the open JSC ZhytomyrKhlib for the first time in its history started to pay out dividends to its shareholders as of 2001 results. The Vitaliy Bernatskyi, the governor of the said JSC, released this information.

According to him, past year was 8.4% profitable adding up US $ 320,000 gross profit. Half of the net profit, which was US $87,716, was decided to be distributed among the shareholders as dividends.

Bernatskyi reported that thanks to well thought economic policy lead by the company for the last 5 years, the bread in Zhytomyr remains to be one of the cheapest across Ukraine.

He also said that last year bakeries owned by the company produced and sold above 2,000MT of the products or 6.8% more than a year ago. The company actively rearranges and diversifies the products variety. Presently, the company enumerates some 40 types of bakery products and above 50 types of pastries.

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