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May 22 2002, 10:15 UkrInform

Feeding more nations with Ukrainian meat and products

UkrInform reported that Leonid Kozachenko, the Ukraine's Vice Premier responsible for agricultural sector called the promotion of Ukrainian meat on the European and world market a crucial problem where world standards should be adopted by the Ukrainian meat producers. Presently Ukraine has no single operation certified to fit the world market.

Kozachenko also said that Russia is the major importer of Ukrainian meat and this market is not very stable and it is time to start looking for other options.

Thus, Russian special economic measures a year ago brought Ukrainian exports to this country down by 21.5% over the year 2000. In the first quarter of the current year the meat and product exports grew by 68% over the previous year showing US $42mn versus US $25 a year ago. This export jump happened solely due to increased exports to Russian Federation.

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