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May 22 2002, 10:18 UkrInform

Paying the compensation debts for premium livestock

UkrInform reported that compensation payments have been overdue for a long time but is promised to be met by June. Such was the statement of the Ukrainian Vice Premier Kozachenko at the round table discussions devoted to meat and products issues held on May 21st.

The above-mentioned compensation concerns the premium weight livestock, which has been so far subsidized only by 70%. There is a fear that the State Budget 2002, which stipulates for US $14mn, as a subsidy may not suffice as part of the money in question, has been used for previous year's compensation.

As a result, Kozachenko will lead the Cabinet efforts to prepare and submit to the VR a proposal to increase the amount of subsidies for premium livestock producers to be worth additional US $6.5mn.

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