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May 22 2002, 10:20 UkrInform

Bids slide for raw materials serving the needs of the whole diary market

UkrInform reported that Ukrainian bids for milk continue their downfall.

As of May 1st the average bids for 1 liter of mils dropped as follows:

Sumy Oblast - down to US $0.07, Cherkasy -US $0.08, Kherson - US $0.08, Volyn - US $0.08, Mykolayiv - US $0.09, Kirovohrad - US $0.09, Zaporizhzhia and L'viv - US $0.10 accordingly.

During the round table discussions devoted to meat and products issues held on May 21st some factors were reported as key factors that lead to the disastrous situation among which are increased power tariffs, high transportation cost, expensive packaging materials and foreign market price decline for the product in question.

In particular, export prices during the first quarter of the year 2002 dropped as follows: butter - from US $1,550 to 1,100, skimmed power milk from US $ 1,600 to 900, hard cheese - from US $2,200 to 1,650, casein - from US $ 3,500 to US $2,500.

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