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May 27 2002, 10:02 Interfax-Ukraine

Crimea appeals to Kyiv for aid

Interfax Ukraina reported that the Crimean Cabinet appealed to Ukrainian national Cabinet asking for a no interest loan to cover the losses of the drought damage as well as for a funds to partial payments for bank loans which Crimean farmers took for a crop 2002.

Such decision was made at the meeting of the Crimean Cabinet as of May 24th after the AIC issues in Crimea were scrutinized and especially the issue of the grain crops and the drought.

The press release said that grain crop in Crimea is a disaster. Average crop damage is 25% and in certain districts it is even 50% destroyed.

The Crimean Cabinet decided to allocate US $660,000 from the republican budget to cover the expenses of the farmer for power used for water handling.

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