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June 3 2002, 10:28 Interfax-Ukraine

Bread of Ukraine tightly gripped by the govt

Interfax Ukraine reported that talking to May 31st press conference Ukrainian Premier Anatoliy Kinakh said that the state JSC Khlib Ukrainy (Bread of Ukraine) may go private but the state would keep the control over the latter's operation in its hands.

The Premier said that grain market being the key market needs governmental control over the entity in question.

He also reminded that plan for financial restructuring JSC Khlib Ukrainy (Bread of Ukraine) has been adopted. Next stages of restructuring envisage possible privatization.

"We are ready to do everything possible to make a quality trader of this entity which would help the govt. in bettering state policy on domestic and foreign grain markets," said Kinakh.

Along with the above said Kinakh also expressed his satisfaction of the fact that Bread of Ukraine has already exported about 9mn MT of grain crop 2001. He also emphasized that Bread of Ukraine played a key role in improving grain export policies and domestic grain market situation.

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