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June 3 2002, 14:26 UkrInform

Malyshev to swap tanks production for combine production. Reaping peace

UkrInform reported that the state owned and controlled unit, the Malyshev Plant launched an investment project worth US $16.5mn focusing on grain harvester production branded Obriy (The horizon). This project was approved by the Council on special regime and investments in Kharkiv and will enjoy tax breaks.

The Chief engineer of the Plant, Mr. Budennyi said that special shops would be designed for the above-mentioned project. One of the factory's design bureaus already switched to agrimachinery projects development.

Traditionally, Malyshev Plant produced tanks back in the times of the USSR. Now Ukrainian govt. and Oblast government are trying to find ways to use the idle facilities retooling it for agricultural purposes, petroleum complex machinery, transport needs.

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