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June 4 2002, 15:56 Interfax-Ukraine

USA to impose antidumping taxes to cover mineral fertilizers from CIS countries

Interfax Ukraina reported that the US Commission on foreign trade came to the conclusion that imports of mineral fertilizers from Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine are hurting US producers and this fact may become a ground behind imposing antidumping taxes.

As of June 3rd this commission take a unanimous decision to continue the governmental investigation on issues of nitrogen based mineral fertilizers. Imports of other mineral fertilizers coming from three countries of the FSU have already been limited.

US producers accusing competitors in dumping policies suggest that taxes reach 76% for Belarusians, 144% for Ukrainians, and 327% for Russians, says The Wall Street Journal online.

US Department of Commerce will continue to review the issue of dumping situation regarding Russia, Belarus and Ukraine and next year may bring the final verdict.

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