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June 5 2002, 09:47 Interfax-Ukraine

Crimean farming severely hit by bad weather

Interfax Ukraina reported that Crimean AIC Minister Serhiy Drobotov believes that bad weather in Crimea threatens the peninsula with a crisis. He announced that as of June 1st 103,200 ha of winter crops have been totally destroyed and 31,000ha of spring crops have been totally destroyed too.

Moreover, another 100,000ha of winter grain crops, which is 23% of total crop and over 18,000ha of spring crops, which is also 23% of the total, are nearing the stage of deterioration.

Direct loss from such a calamity are assessed at US $18mn with total loss from non-received yields will reach US $50mn.

He reminded that the severest blow was done by January frosts along with March and April frosts which damaged vineyards and fruits.

The Crimean commission for agrarian and land issues believes that the VR should issue a decree announcing Crimea a zone of natural disaster which would allow Crimea to appeal for further assistance from the Cabinet.

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