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June 5 2002, 14:55 UNIAN

Amending procedures for subsidizing farming operations in Ukraine

UNIAN reported that press service of the Cabinet announced that amendments have been made to procedures regulating calculations, payments and use of the funds targeted for subsidies based on milk and meat sales.

The press service reported that as of June 1st 2002 the #715 decree amended the May 12th decree declaring that money allocated as a subsidy for meat should be spent for feed, reproduction, breeding purposes and veterinary services.

Subsidies for sold milk should be spent for milking equipment, refrigerating equipment, chemicals needed for quality analysis performance, lab equipment, disinfectants and filters.

Moreover, the aforementioned decree stipulates now that VAT for sales of milk, livestock, poultry, wool, diary and meat products shall remain at the disposition of the producer.

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