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January 15 2008, 16:28

Chernovitskaya region is the leader of walnut production in Ukraine

The greatest volumes of walnut production in Ukraine are recorded in Chernovitskaya region; according to statistics data, the orchards of this crop occupy around 1,800 ha. To the opinion of the specialists of this industry, this fact may be explained by the weather conditions of this region where the temperature seldom declines lower than the critical level for walnut trees. Because of the same reason, nuts production is relatively well developed in AR Crimea where nuts orchards occupy around one thousand hectares of land.

The weakest nuts production is observed in the northern and eastern parts of Ukraine. For example, there are only 100 hectares of nut orchards in Chernigovskaya region; according to statistics, nut trees plantings are absent in Sumskaya region.

In addition to weather conditions, the serious obstacle for nuts business development in Ukraine is the absence of the basic knowledge among the potential producers. There is also a severe deficit for qualified specialists in this industry.

Taking into account a great interest of Ukrainian farmers to this type of activity, and also a high potential of nuts trade both on the inner and external markets, "Agrooglyad: Vegetables and Fruits" project organizes the first international forum "Perspective trends of fruit & vegetable business 2008: Commercial nuts orchards" on the 31st of January2008. The event provides a perfect chance to discuss with the specialists the most important questions which relate to nuts production and trade in Ukraine and outside the country.

The application form for participation in the event is here.

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