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September 13 2001, 13:04 Interfax-Ukraine

The Verkhovna Rada will review the Land Code on September 20

After the meeting of the advisory board cooperating between the government and the Verkhovna Rada held on September 12 Prime Minister Anatoliy Kinakh announced that during the meeting decisions were made on dates and order of review of Tax and Land Codes. Draft of the Land Code will be reviewed in the second reading on September 20. The Premier pointed out that the government will do everything to make the result of the review positive.

The First Vice Speaker of the Parliament Victor Medvedchyuk pointed out that Tax and Land Codes are strategically important, priority bills and may be approved as a result of "political co-ordination". According to V. Medvedchyuk, approval of these bills in the first reading during summer 2000 was "an exclusive achievement" of the Parliament's majority. "Unfortunately, today we don't have such co-ordination between fractions and groups of Parliament's majority, but the task of the Verkhovna Rada and the Cabinet of Ministers is to do everything possible to approve the Tax Code in whole until January 1, 2002, and review of the Land Code in the second reading in the nearest future", - he said.

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