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September 15 2001, 11:09 UNIAN

I. Kirilenko: The government intends to support loss-making enterprises in undertaking of fall works

One of the main government tasks is input supplies during 1.5 months of fall field works undertaken by those enterprises that currently face difficulties due to low prices on grain. Minister of Agrarian Politics Ivan Kirilenko announced to the media after the government meeting on questions of undertaking fall field works this year held on September 10.

According to I. Kirilenko, today one third of Ukrainian grain enterprises, that last year were loss-making and received bank credits for crop guarantee, now face difficulties with financing. So, the Minister pointed out that the government plans to undertake state purchases of grain in the first place from such enterprises. According to the Minister, the rest of enterprises may go through these hard times and sell grain later, when prices will be more profitable. "And grain, - the Minister said, - will be sold until July 1 of the next year and in any case everything will be sold out".

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