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October 13 2014, 12:13 Fruit-Inform

New participants of Fruits & Vegetables of Ukraine-2014 B2B Exposition

As it has been previously announced, the 11th International Conference «Fruits & Vegetables of Ukraine-2014» will be held in conjunction with the similarly-named B2B Exposition, which will present all fruit and vegetable business sectors within three days. The exposition will showcase domestic growers' produce, imported fruits, vegetables and berries as well as products and services of companies related to the fruit and vegetable market.

The exposition has been recently joined by new participants. Participation in growers' exposition has been already confirmed by companies supplying the following products:

- domestic apples;

- directly-squeezed juices;

- packaged fruits and vegetables;

- fresh strawberries.

Suppliers' B2B exposition will showcase:

- equipment and solutions for fruit and vegetable storage;

- corrugated packaging;

- fruit and vegetable sorting and packing equipment;

- strawberry plants;

- apple trees, currant plants.

The exposition is also to have other products and services presented, and the organizers would again draw your attention to limited exposition area and number of exposition places.

The Exposition will be visited by fruit and vegetable growers, suppliers of inputs and equipment, wholesale companies, specialized mass media, supermarket chains. The key visitors will be represented by conference attendees (about 250 delegates), trade forum participants as well as other fruit and vegetable sector companies. Invitations to the exposition will be sent to more than 5,000 companies from Fruit-Inform database. Entrance to the exposition will be available to pre-registered visitors, or by tickets, which excludes occasional visitors and loss of time of participants.

Pay your attention that a number and a format of materials and additional equipment of participants for the exposition place must be confirmed by the organizers. The organizers reserve the right to deny placing some equipment of the exposition participants based on the Rus Hotel internal regulations.

Applications for exposition places will be accepted until November 21, inclusive.

More detailed information about the conference, b2b exposition, trade forum is available on the official web-site of the events.

Would you have any questions, please contact International Relations Department of Fruit-Inform:

tel: +380 562 320795 (ext. - 341)

cell: +380 96 5836323 (Ievgen Kuzin)

e-mail: [email protected] 

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