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November 19 2014, 15:52 Fruit-Inform

Two weeks left to register participation in Fruits & Vegetables of Ukraine-2014 Conference and 4th International Trade Forum

Applications for participation in the 11th International Conference «Fruits & Vegetables of Ukraine-2014» and the 4th International Trade Forum will be accepted until December 2, 2014.

The event will take place on December 8-10, Rus Hotel, Kiev, Ukraine, in the format of the two-day conference and the trade forum (retail center) held on the third day with 25 leading Ukrainian supermarket chains and importers ready to conduct negotiations with fruit and vegetable suppliers.

In the recent days, the conference and trade forum was joined by such companies, as Enza Zaden Export B.V. (the Netherlands), Uni-Masz H.M. Juszczuk Sp.J., Ewa-Bis Sp. z o.o., Chlodnie KA Baranski (Poland), FROM Sac, Frutti Felici SCA (Italy), Georgian Greenhouse Corporation (Georgia), Astra, Betek, Agroprom-2000, Spetstekhosnastka, Petruzalek, Agromaks, Ukrtransservisgrup, Adana-3, Ukrainskaya Yagoda, Ukraina – Gold Sad, Agroanaliz, Agrana Fruit Luka, Tolsma Ukraine, Podolskoye Yabloko, Impuls, Itek-Agro (Ukraine) and many others.

The conference program is regularly updated, and we would announce key conference subjects:

- The Ukrainian production and price forecast for the current season prepared by Fruit-Inform. Preliminary expectations from the season 2015/16.

- The European market for fruits and vegetables, development trends and impact on the domestic market. Poland's example

- Efficient vegetable growing under conditions of instability in the currency exchange rates

- Investment attractiveness of the nut business

- New solutions as a basis for development of modern vegetable growing

- The Ukrainian potato market. Expert comparison of seed potatoes of domestic and foreign seeds. Solutions to reduce costs

- Prospects and risks in the Ukrainian mushroom industry under conditions of European integration

- Novelties in berry technologies and introduction of new crops in berry farms

- Production of field-grown lettuces. The Ukrainian market development potential

- The Ukrainian sector of canned fruits and vegetables after Russia's ban

- How can Ukrainian fruits and vegetables appear on European supermarkets' shelves?

- Certification, technical requirements and customs regulations in fruit and vegetable exports to the EU

- The market for organics in Ukraine. Internal focus or exports?

- The fruit and vegetable storage economics. Based of the results of Fruit-Inform study

- Short- and long-term storage of fruits and vegetables with the use of Fitomag product

- Optimal storage of fruits and vegetables under current conditions

- High-quality industrial refrigeration equipment as a guarantee of successful storage of fruit and vegetable products

-  Potential export markets for Ukrainian fruits and vegetables under new geopolitical conditions

The conference is organized by Fruit-Inform, and Fito-Mag is the General Sponsor of the event.

More detailed information about the conference, b2b exposition, trade forum is available on the official web-site of the events. To confirm your participation, please fill out an application form available here.

Would you have any questions, please contact International Relations Department of Fruit-Inform:

tel: +380 562 320795 (ext. - 341)

cell: +380 96 5836323 (Ievgen Kuzin)

e-mail: [email protected]

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