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April 12 2016, 09:52 Fruit-Inform

Apple Business in Ukraine, Russia & Kazakhstan-2016 – the only apple market study in Eastern Europe

Fruit-Inform reminds all apple market participants about the only Eastern European apple business study named «Apple Business in Ukraine, Russia & Kazakhstan — 2016: Present Situation and Prospects in Growing, Storage, Handling, Processing and Marketing».

It should be noted that the study is updated each 2-3 years, and the information on the Kazakh market has been added for the first time in 2016. Having purchased the study this year, all clients will receive further updates on the price situation and statistical data until the following version is released.

The 2016 study will be interesting both for professional growers and investors with the plans to lay out an apple orchard as well as apple exporters to the three countries, as the study includes a full range of information about apple production, storage, handling, processing, marketing, market development trends and prospects, imports and exports.

The study will help answer the questions “What is the apple business today, and what will it be in 5 years?”


Detailed plan of the study:

- The global apple market: present situation & development trends;

- Largest apple producers & consumers in Europe and the world;

- Largest apple exporters & importers in Europe and the world;

- Most successful apple marketing examples;

- The global AJC (apple juice concentrate) market: present situation & trends;

- Apple production in Ukraine, Russia & Kazakhstan: areas, yields and production prospects;

- The supply & demand balance for apples in Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan over the past 5 years with the short-term forecast for the season 2015/16 and middle-term forecast for the following 5 years;

- Price prospects in the Ukrainian, Russian and Kazakh apple markets in 2015-16;

- Apple price trends in Ukraine & Russia over the past 5 years. Assessment of the most valuable apple varieties;

- Trends in establishing intensive apple orchards: varieties, regions, fruiting stage terms, 5-year forecast;

- Current rankings of apple varieties in Ukraine, Russia & Kazakhstan;

- External trade in fresh apples in Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan (exports and imports);

- External trade in AJC broken down by month & by country (exports and imports);

- Imports & exports of apple jams and marmalades over the past 5 years;

- The market for apple trees: key suppliers of apple trees (according to survey of growers). Contacts of apple trees suppliers;

- Apple growers' sales channels. Seasonality factor in sales;

- Assessment of growers' apple storage capacity, inclusive of CA- & ULO-storage, in Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan;

- Contacts of largest apple growers in Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan;

- Contacts of suppliers of apple trees, plant protection products, irrigation systems, machinery & equipment for apple growing, storage, handling and packaging solutions;

- Register of apple varieties in Ukraine, Russia & Kazakhstan.


Format of the study: Pdf

Number of pages: 132


Would you have any questions concerning the study, please contact International Relations Department of Fruit-Inform:

Ievgen Kuzin

phone: +380 (562) 321595, ext. - 341

cell: +380 96 5836323

email: [email protected]

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