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July 20 2016, 15:05 Fruit-Inform

The 1st International Conference Fruit & Vegetable Business in Kazakhstan-2016 - Almaty, October 20-21

Fruit-Inform and Kazagromarketing invite all fruit and vegetable market participants to the 1st International Conference “Fruit & Vegetable Business in Kazakhstan-2016”.

The event will be a platform to discuss both global trends in the fruit and vegetable market and current situation, infrastructure and logistics development in the domestic sector of Kazakhstan.

“It is no secret that representatives of the Eastern European and global fruit and vegetable sector have been thinking of opening the Kazakhstani fruit and vegetable market. Furthermore, Kazakhstani market participants’ demand for relevant information about the market situation, latest trends and state-of-the-art fruit and vegetable technologies is high as never before”, says Mr. Aleksandr Khorev, Head of Fruit-Inform. “Nevertheless, there has been no event in Kazakhstan, which could present all range of the information on the sector development and gather leading fruit and vegetable business representatives and newcomers from Kazakhstan and foreign market participants”.

Kazakhstan offers a wide range of opportunities both for suppliers of fresh fruits and vegetables and companies, which supply technologies for produce growing, handling and processing. For example, the country has more than doubled fruit and vegetable imports in the value terms over the past six years. Nevertheless, Kazakhstan also shows a rapid increase in domestic production of fruits and vegetables: vegetable production has grown by 25% over the past five years, while apple production has increased by a third over the same period.


A two-day business program of the event will focus on the following subjects:


The conference is organized by Fruit-Inform and Kazagromarketing. The event will be attended by more than 200 delegates from 15-20 countries of the world. Key conference audience: fruit and vegetable growers and processors, representatives of wholesale and retail trade, fruit and vegetable importers from Kazakhstan and their potential suppliers from other countries throughout the globe, suppliers of inputs, plant protection products, fertilizers, trees, plants and seeds, companies, which offer fruit and vegetable handling and processing solutions, financial and investment enterprises, specialized mass media etc.


More detailed information about the conference is available on the official web-site.


On any questions concerning the conference, please contact the organizing committee:

+7 495 7894419

+380 562 320795

cell: +380 96 5836323 – Mr. Ievgen Kuzin

[email protected]om

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