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September 7 2004, 14:25 Agrarian Marketing Project

Macedonian Businessmen Study the Possibilities of Ukrainian Fruit and Vegetable Market

The Agricultural Marketing Project (AMP) implemented by Land O'Lakes, Inc. in Ukraine, on the request of Macedonia Agribusiness Marketing Activity, implemented by the same company in Macedonia, has organized short study tour for the group of Macedonian businessmen in Ukraine. Six of the eight members of Macedonian agriculture business who visited Ukraine on May 31st - June the 3rd were the representatives of wholesale fruit and vegetable companies in their country.

AMP introduced to the Macedonian businessmen a rather intensive schedule of meetings with the leading companies in fruit and vegetable market sector, on the purpose to study the market possibilities for the future extension of trade relations.

As the trade intercourse between Ukraine and Macedonia is implemented in the free regime, the Macedonian businessmen planned to study the possibility of export of early and late fruit and vegetable commodities to Ukraine. It is worth to mention that thanks to its geographical situation Macedonia possesses favorable climate conditions to produce early and late fruit and vegetable commodities of a high quality. Despite of the small size (the territory of the state is 23 times smaller than Ukrainian territory, and the population is only two million people), Macedonia is one of leading suppliers of fruit and vegetable commodities on the Balkans.

However, when Macedonian agribusiness representatives had studied the situation on market, they came to the conclusion that there are great possibilities to import a wide assortment of Ukrainian food staff to their country, due to the competitive price on the commodities. The participants of three-day study tour in Ukraine had discovered many new things and pointed out great opportunities to develop trade relations between two countries.

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