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September 7 2004, 14:26 Agrarian Marketing Project

Market Information - the Keystone of Success in Any Business

Agricultural Marketing Project (AMP) has conducted Market Information training session for AMP specialists of all the six regional offices, and also for analysts of Information Agency "APK-Inform", there the analysis of fruit, vegetable, milk and meat markets is carried out. It was held on June the 1st - 2nd in Dnepropetrovsk in "APK-Inform" office. The training session was dedicated to the problems of collection, evaluation and analysis of various components of market information; the main objective was to increase the professional level of the analysts, who are engaged in the ongoing monitoring of Ukrainian fruit and vegetable market, and consequently to improve the quality of information submitted to AMP clients and other subscribers of "Agrooglyad" and "Agrooglyad+" journals.

Review of the following questions was of special interest to participants: the demand flexibility; the analysis of the tendency of consumption of fruit and vegetable commodities in Ukraine and other countries; also the methods of analysis of various elements of bid and offer balance. The lively discussion took place during the investigation of influence of agricultural policy of Ukraine to the situation on food markets. AMP is planning to carry out several market surveys at the nearest future with the purpose to increase the transparency of fruit & vegetable market and the further development of its conditions.

The conclusions of the mentioned surveys will be presented on the international conference "Vegetables and Fruits - Market of New Opportunities", it will be conducted in Kyiv on the 2nd - 3rd of November 2004. The details about the conference can be found on site www.lol.org.ua.

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