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September 7 2004, 14:27 Agrarian Marketing Project

"Joint Strategy of Success" - Training for Managers on the Purchase of Fruit and Vegetable Commodities for Supermarkets

On May 26th 2004, in Odesa, Agricultural Marketing Project (AMP) has conducted the training session "Joint Strategy of Success" for managers concerning the purchase of fruit and vegetable commodity for Ukrainian supermarkets. Forty one participants took part in the event, the most active of which were 14 representatives of leading chains of supermarkets from seven oblasts of Ukraine, and also wholesalers and members of three farmer associations.

AMP specialists presented to the participants the results of the conducted survey "Specifics of bids and offers on vegetable commodities in Ukraine", the objective of which was to define new opportunities for the further development of fruit and vegetable trading in the supermarkets. The speeches of AMP experts - Andriy Andryushko, Sr. Marketing Specialist, and Yuriy Sologub, Sr. Agronomist - have aroused the vivid interest of the participants. They told about the experience gained by AMP in Ukraine, and also illustrated marketing practices in the USA, Poland and Sweden as for selling fruit and vegetable commodities through supermarket chains. AMP has invited to this meeting the USA specialist Tim Woods, the professor of Kentucky State University, who shared the information about global trends concerning fruit and vegetable commodities trade through supermarket chains. The representatives of farmer associations also informed the participants about brands they manage or the efforts to create own trade mark with the aim to increase the effectiveness of commodity sales. Two trademarks "Pan Sadovnik" and "Chippolino", the experience of their work in Odesa oblast supermarkets were presented in details.

In the whole the participants of the conference pointed out high level of training holding and its beneficiary. Each person received handout materials with AMP survey conclusions and work patterns, and also the list of farmers and farmer associations ready to supply various kinds of fruit and vegetable commodities to the supermarkets. Besides, the participants had an opportunity to establish important business contacts directly during training session.

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