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September 7 2004, 14:31 Agrarian Marketing Project

Horticulture Seminar, Uman

Cherkasy Agricultural Marketing Project (AMP) office jointly with Uman State Agricultural University conducted international scientific-practical seminar "Intensive technologies - to horticulture" in Uman on May the 6th 2004. Two hundred fifty eight persons, the representatives of 21 oblasts of Ukraine; Moldova, Austria and Poland specialists participated in the event. On behalf of AMP in Cherkasy oblast 41 persons including 38 farmers took part in the conference.

The following experts assisted the conference - Kurt Timoshek, the director, firm "Capp Plast", Austria; Johan Pfummerl, firm "Frustar", Austria; Richard Novakovski, Piotr Kachor, the Association of Fruit Trees Seedlings, Poland; Mikhael Маtkovski, firm "МСМ", Austria. They covered the question of effective horticulture technologies in Austria, fruit trees protection from hail, modern technologies of fruit trees seedlings production in Poland, fruit storage practices.

AMP specialists - Yuriy Sologub, Andriy Andryushko, Volodymyr Vasetskiy - made the Project presentation and informed about successful experience of fruit and vegetable commodities marketing. They invited all interested farmers and other market participants to cooperate with AMP.

Mykola Oleynyk, the chief of farm "Yabluneviy Sad", informed about his practices concerning usage of intensive technologies in horticulture and shared the prospects as for horticulture development and farmer movement in Cherkasy oblast. He also depicted his impressions from his recent visit to California State, USA, and told how the cooperation with AMP helped him to increase the effectiveness of his private business.

The seminar participants had the possibility to make business contacts with speakers and with their colleagues from other oblasts of Ukraine, and paid great attention to AMP information.

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