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September 29 2004, 12:39 Agrarian Marketing Project

AMP Specialists Participated in the International Exhibition Polagra-Food and Taropak

One of the largest agricultural exhibitions in Europe, Polagra, has been known as a traditional meeting time for agricultural market players of Eastern and Western Europe for a long time already. Earlier Polagra consisted of three exhibitions - Polagra-Food, Polagra-Farm and Taropak; now it is separated in two exhibitions - Polagra-Food&Taropak and Polagra-Farm. First one demonstrates equipment, vehicles and packing machines for food industry, and also food industry production. Polagra-Farm mainly represents input supply companies for crop and livestock production.

Andriy Yarmak and Andriy Andryushko, specialists of Agricultural Marketing Project, took part in Polagra-Food exhibition that was conducted on the 21st - 24th of September 2004. It seemed that the exhibition hosted this year the top quantity of participants, mainly due to Poland accession in EU and mutual market opening. Even though the final conclusions of the exhibition haven't been made yet, we can say for certain that more than 1,000 firms exhibited their commodities on the total square of 22-25,000 m2.

AMP specialists were interested most in packing supply companies, suppliers of cooling and post-harvest handling equipment, processing lines for fruit and vegetable commodities, and processing enterprises themselves. The sector of food retail trading was very interesting as well.

Due to participation in the exhibition AMP specialists managed to gather rich materials about perspective packing suppliers, to establish new business contacts and to have some interesting ideas concerning new packing possibilities and fruit and vegetable production presentation. Many participants were interested to take part in First International Conference "Vegetables and Fruits of Ukraine: Market of New Alternatives". Detailed information about Polagra exhibition will be soon published in Agrooglyad journal, and it is already available in AMP central office.

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