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October 7 2004, 16:39 Agrarian Marketing Project

AMP Specialist took part in Bejo Zaden company Field Day in Holland

As September is the harvesting time and also time for making preliminary conclusions of agricultural year, right now leading European vegetable seed companies are conducting open Field Days to show the best samples of their produce.

The world known Holland seed company Bejo Zaden conducted on September 22nd, 2004 an international Field Day on the basis of its head office in Warmenhuzen for more than thousand participants. The most massed delegations came from Central, Eastern Europe and Asia; in particular they represented Russia, Poland, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkey.

Yuriy Sologub, Sr. Agribusiness and Agritechnology Specialist of Agricultural Marketing Project has visited this event at the invitation of Aleksiy Artyukh, technical manager of Bejo Zaden company in Ukraine.

In spite of unfavorable weather conditions (strong fitful wind with intermittent rain) Field Day was conducted successfully in the whole. Though Holland agriculture faced extremely unfavorable weather conditions this year, Bejo Zaden showed good results of wide assortment of vegetable production on its trial fields (high potential yield, market attractiveness and merchantability of new hybrids which are gaining popularity or have already got it on European and American markets). The participants of event were especially impressed by cabbage collection of different varieties and terms of ripening, as well as multiple new varieties and hybrids of herbaceous crops (parsnip, celery, dill, spinage, lettuce, etc) and different onion varieties.

The demonstration of agricultural vehicles and vegetable production equipment was also of great interest; in particular, cabbage harvesting combine work was showed "on site". Besides, Ukrainian farmers were very interested in highly effective equipment for onion harvesting and calibrating. They can not only see this vehicle by their own eyes but also could sign contract on equipment supply to Ukraine right on place for rather fair price.

In the framework of visit to Holland for Ukrainian, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Lithuanian delegations study trips to Holland farms were organized by Bejo Zaden company; farmers produce vegetables both in open and covered ground. Travel participants also visited Selection Center of well-known Holland HZPC company, which business is potato seed production and modern greenhouses specialized on flower production.

You can ask for materials and detailed information about trip to Holland in Kyiv AMP office.

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