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January 24 2005, 18:52 Agrarian Marketing Project

Round table "High-quality seeds - additional profit" was conducted in Cherkasy

The end of January is the beginning of the active purchase season of vegetable crop seeds by the farmers - vegetable producers. The specialists of Agricultural Marketing Project (AMP) in the regions are already organizing the working meetings and round tables with the aim to inform all market players about the perspectives of this market in the new season. The experience accumulated by AMP specialists and farmers - AMP clients let us hope that farmers will be able to select those vegetable varieties and hybrids which will give a really rich yield of the high-quality vegetable commodities and will face the maximum demand on the market.

In desire to meet the needs of all its clients, regional Cherkasy AMP office conducted on January 18th, 2005 the round table meeting "High-quality seeds - additional profit". Twenty farmers - AMP clients, AMP specialists, the representatives of vegetable seed companies "Nunhems Zaden", "Seminis", "Bejo Zaden", "Clause Tezier" and the trading representative of "Terra" company - provider of drip irrigation systems participated in the event.

Volodymyr Vasetskiy, the coordinator of Cherkasy AMP office attracted attention of seed companies to the necessity to avoid facts of the supplies of poor quality seeds to the farmers-AMP clients. High-quality seeds are of prior importance for achieving a good yield and quality, and, the demand on vegetable commodities too. The representatives of seed companies and input suppliers introduced to the participants their commercial proposals on the year 2005. Besides, Vitaliy Lobas, the trading representative of "Terra" company, shared the experience of projecting and construction of drip irrigation systems in opened and covered grounds of Cherkasy oblast.

During the round table work 11 farmers made agreements on seed supply from the companies "Nunhems Zaden", "Seminis", "Bejo Zaden", "Clause Tezier", and 4 farmers preliminary discussed the questions of projecting and purchasing the drip irrigation systems.

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