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January 28 2005, 15:37 Agrarian Marketing Project

Zakarpattya AMP office jointly with "Univer" cannery conducted the seminar dedicated to vegetable production and marketing

Zakarpattya AMP (Agricultural Marketing Project) office jointly with the processing enterprise "Univer" conducted on the 26th of January 2005 the seminar "Modern technologies of production, processing and marketing of vegetables for farmers and private agricultural producers in Zakarpattya" in village Fanchikovo, Vinogradovskiy rayon, Zakarpattya oblast.

Seminar participants got information about modern agricultural technologies of vegetable crops production, proposals of seed companies, plant protection assets and vegetable fertilizers, and the settled practice of vegetable purchasing performed by canneries.

The representatives of such firms-input suppliers as "Syngenta", "Kloz Tezje", "Rize-Agroservice", "Nunhems Zaden", "Rijk Zwaan", the Microirrigation and Water Supply Center, Institute of Hydrotechniques and Melioration (Ukrainian Academy of Agricultural Sciences) took part in the event. The main attention during the seminar was focused on cornichon cucumber production and opportunities for sale of this commodity to the oblast canneries. As you know, the boom in cornichon processing business goes on in Zakarpattya nowadays, and in the previous 2004 year canneries managed to cover their needs in cucumber only on one third. In 2005 the demand on cucumber in Zakarpattya will exceed the demand in 2004 on 60-70%. For example, only "Univer" cannery in village Fanchikovo plans in 2005 to process about 5,000 tons of cucumber (for information: in total all oblast enterprises in 2004 processed about 2,500-3,000 tons of cucumber). To provide the enterprise with raw materials, cannery makes contracts with farmers and private producers, which are supposed to produce cucumber for the cannery, on 80 hectares applying trellis and drip irrigation. The enterprise guarantees the producers the minimal prices on which the cucumber of 2005 harvest will be purchased.

Yanosh Lendel, the representative of LLC "Univer" cannery remarked that it is very important to organize such meetings for vegetable producers in Zakarpattya, cause this is probably the only way to share experience, implement new technologies, establish working relationship between the processor and vegetable producer. Mr. Lendel thanked Agricultural Marketing Project for the fruitful work in this direction.

AMP information. LLC "Univer" cannery was created in October 2002. The enterprise founders are: the citizen of Russia and Hungarian company "Gold Bridges". On the enterprise the investment project "Production organization of fruit and vegetable canning" is being implemented, in line with it the main activity of the enterprise is the production of canned fruit and vegetable commodities, alternative and original salads and snacks. A large part of the produced commodities is sold on the Russian market; a part is left for sale on the inner market.

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