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February 2 2005, 18:16 Agrarian Marketing Project

The seminar "Profitable Cooperative Business" was conducted in Lviv

Lviv office of Agricultural Marketing Project (AMP) conducted the seminar "Profitable Cooperative business" on the 31st of January 2005.

Thirty four persons participated in the seminar, including chiefs and members of 11 cooperatives located in Lviv oblast. The specialists on reforming, Rayon Agricultural Departments, were also invited to take part in the event as they are directly working with newly formed and already working cooperatives.

During the seminar the following questions were considered: "Judicial regulation of cooperative activities", "About "the roles" in the cooperatives", "Distributing profits in the cooperative", "Who and how manages the cooperative", "What kind of documents are needed to sell the commodities produced by the cooperative", "Rules of intrafarm activity in the cooperative", "Rate of investment attraction for fruit and vegetable business per each region of Ukraine". These questions were enlightened by Raisa Volik and Fedir Rybalko, the specialists of AMP Cooperative Development Sector, and also Andriy Nikonenko, AMP Legal and Tax Advisor.

The seminar participants performed with the great interest the practical assignments, first of which showed the ability of the participants to work in team and the second one - their creativity and appropriate judgment for the implementing the business ideas.

Into the handouts there were included the files with the draft statute of the agricultural cooperative; the sample of documents needed during the work of the cooperative (letter of intention, application for obtaining services, contract on commodity supplies, contract of agency for commodity sales, commission agreement on commodity sales, contract agreement, agreement on full material liability, rules of the intrafarm business activities).

The participants were satisfied with the seminar organization, its information content; they were sure that the gained information will support the successful work of their cooperatives.

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