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February 25 2005, 16:51 Agrarian Marketing Project

The American specialist highly appreciated the knowledge of Ukrainian orchardists

On invitation of Agricultural Marketing Project (AMP) Mr. Robert Belding, the American specialist on fruit trees pruning, visited Ukraine.

Robert Belding came to Odesa oblast and AR Crimea and took part in the meetings with the farmers who are managing orchards. He demonstrated the methods of fruit trees pruning applied in the USA, and also showed the techniques of blooming orchards handling.

The American specialist highly appreciated the professional skills of Odessa and Crimean farmers and the quality of their orchards. In particular, Mr. Belding pointed out the development perspectives of this branch of the agriculture of Ukraine.

"The main problem of Ukrainian fruit producers is out of the sphere of the commodity production where the farmers have enough knowledge and experience", Robert Belding thinks. Still in the sphere of fruit marketing there are lots of outstanding opportunities. The main directions which are to be developed - the promotion of high-quality packing and the creation of the specialized fruit storages.

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