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February 21 2005, 15:06 Agrarian Marketing Project

In Cherkasy the seminar "Marketing, agricultural technologies, information and perspective development of fruit and vegetable market for the central region of Ukraine"

On the 15th of February, 2005, Cherkasy office of Agricultural Marketing Project conducted the seminar "Marketing, agricultural technologies and perspective development of fruit and vegetable market for the central region of Ukraine"; 128 persons participated in the event including 31 representatives of input suppliers, processing enterprises and other market players.

During the seminar the following questions were discussed: the 2004 market analysis for the main types of commodities and the prognoses for the next year; the peculiarities of AMP market information work and the importance of communication facilities; the results of the marketing season 2004 and plans for 2005; the international trends of the modern fruit and vegetable marketing; business-planning; examples and practical implementation of the business-model; the structure of sales channels, the results of fruit and vegetable marketing in season 2004 and the pilot projects for the season 2005; fruit and vegetable market development in Poland; agronomic activity of Agricultural Marketing Project in 2004 in Ukraine; the practical results of AMP demosite connected activities in Cherkasy oblast in 2004; the peculiarities of vegetable crop protection in the conditions of season 2004; the possibilities of farm crediting in 2005.

The participants were quite interested in the reports of the farmers - AMP clients who told about the advantages of their cooperation with AMP specialists, participation in AMP events and usage of the market information generated by the Project.

The representatives of the regional departments of "Privatbank" and "Nadra" banks presented some very interesting information concerning the credit and microcredit programs for farm and private enterprises in this season.

The seminar participants received the detailed handout materials about the discussed topics; in the handouts the production technology for the major crops is presented, and also the contact information of the local input suppliers for farmers and the processing enterprises in the oblasts.

The detailed information about the questions discussed during the seminar can be inquired for in Cherkasy AMP office.

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