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February 16 2005, 11:29 Agrarian Marketing Project

The seminar "Vegetable production means the guaranteed profit; joint work provides the additional possibilities" was conducted in village Khomutets, Myrgorod rayon

The seminar "Vegetable production means the guaranteed profit; joint work provides the additional possibilities" was conducted in village Khomutets, Myrgorod rayon. In the seminar 43 persons participated including 36 farmers, the representative of the processing enterprise "Grandmother's receipts", Myrgorod, the representative of "Nunhems" company - vegetable seed supplier and the CNFA Project specialists. During this event the analysis of fruit and vegetable market in 2004 and the prognoses of market development in 2005 were presented; the peculiarities of AMP market information system work were enlightened. Mr. B. Vinnichuk and Mr. I. Ostanets, the specialists of Nunhems company took an active part in the seminar; they introduced the peculiarities of cucumber production and the advantages of the hybrids produced by the company. The CNFA volunteers - Rendall Diccay, Charles Garver - informed the participants about the business-planning and the cooperation of the producers.

Tetyana Strashnenko shared the experience of joint work as the chairman of the service cooperative "Svyatylivka" - it was created under the support of AMP and CNFA in Poltava oblast. Mrs. Strashnenko presented the details of the advantages of the cooperative work and the successful results of their first year activities.

The report of Mr. V. Gnatyuk, the representative of the processing enterprise, was of great interest for the farmers, cause they had the opportunity to get information about the needs of the cannery and the terms of cooperation with the farmers in season 2005. The producers asked many questions concerning the cooperation with the enterprise, and in the end of meeting the group of producers of the village Khomutets agreed on the cooperation with LLC "Grandmother's receipts" concerning the contracting production in 2005. To encourage the cooperation with the processor, the AMP specialists declared the producer loyalty program, composed by the cannery under the active support of the Project. The main points of the program are the discounts and the working advantages for the regular clients.

The seminar participants received the handout materials about the mentioned topics, where, except other things, there was presented the information about the cucumber production technology as the main strategic crop in the region, and also the information about the input suppliers for farmers and the contact information of the processing enterprises in the oblast.

On Thursday, the 17th of March, 2005, Poltava AMP office will conduct the alike seminar in village Petrovtsy, Myrgorod rayon, on the request of LLC "Grandmother's receipts" management; in line with the extension of the raw materials zone this enterprise needs to increase the volumes of vegetable production in close proximity to the enterprise by the involvement of the vegetable producers to the cooperation. Poltava AMP office also plans to conduct the same seminars in February-March 2005 jointly with other processing enterprises - the Project clients.

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