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February 28 2005, 14:27 Agrarian Marketing Project

In Poltava oblast the seminar "Vegetable production from seeds to sales" was conducted

On the 22nd of February 2005 Poltava AMP office jointly with "Nunhems" company conducted the seminar "Vegetable production from seeds to sales" in village Orlik, Kobelyatskiy rayon, Poltava oblast.

Twenty six producers of early vegetable commodities and three representatives of input companies participated in the event.

The main questions discussed during the seminar are as follows: the analysis of the market of early vegetable commodities in the region and, in particular, the trends of this sector; agritechnological aspects of the production of early vegetables in the stationary film greenhouses and new perspective hybrids from "Nunhems" company for this sector of agricultural production.

The question of agricultural technologies was of the greatest interest for the participants, cause, despite of the traditional for this village production of early vegetables their yield remains low, and the losses are significant as a result of the diseases and lack of the systematic protection technologies. The producers were also very interested in the AMP market information system and the possibility of its usage. The village is quite remote from the main sales markets; the participants stressed that the possibility to obtain market information on-site is of highly importance, cause it let them save time and understand the trustworthy price situation on the vegetable markets in the country.

In conclusion of the seminar three producers desired to test new hybrids of tomatoes and cucumber, and also to apply the new methods of plant protection. Seventeen producers made up their mind to cooperate with the Project and were registered as AMP clients.

The detailed information on the questions discussed during the seminar may be inquired in Poltava AMP office.

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