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March 14 2005, 09:08 Agrarian Marketing Project

The prognoses of vegetable production in 2005, modern technologies and marketing trends were presented to Lviv farmers

Lviv office of Agricultural Marketing Project (AMP) conducted the seminar "Marketing, agricultural technologies, market information and the perspectives of fruit and vegetable market development in Lviv oblast" on the 3rd of March 2005 for 75 persons including 51 farmers.

During this seminar the prognosis of fruit and vegetable production in 2005 was presented for the first time in the current year; it was worked out by the AMP specialists. The acreage of cabbage production lands is expected to grow in 2005, but we should not expect for the significant production increase. The acreage extension is also prognosed for onion subject to the stable high price for this commodity in the region. At the same time the acreage of red beets and carrot production lands may contract a little that may also cause the price growth for these commodities in the new season.

The high importance of the further development of communication facilities was given emphasis as it let the farmers ease much the sale process for the produced commodities.

The special attention of the seminar participants was paid to the information concerning the modern trends of fruit and vegetable marketing and the practical results of AMP demosite activities in the oblast. The presentations of AMP specialists and clients showed vividly that the only way for a farmer to become successful is to pay enough time to the question of the commodity sales - i.e. to produce the most part of it under the contract observing accurately all the elements of the production technology and to use actively market information.

On the seminar the representatives of the enterprises which purchase commodities from the farmers made the reports and shared their plans on 2005. This information was very useful for the farmers in terms of the production planning.

Computer farm business model developed by AMP specialists was also presented during the seminar. The model is quite easy to use and let the producers plan the farm business activities for the future season during 2-4 hours in terms of the maximum economic effect achievement. During the season each farmer can correct his plans. Besides, the model provides an opportunity to compare the self-cost of the certain types of agricultural commodities with the average self-cost in the region and in the other regions. Many farmers who use computers wished to have the copy of the model for the permanent use.

All seminar participants received the handout materials with the marketing information, technologies of the major crops production, contact information about farmer input suppliers and the main consumers of the fruit and vegetable commodities in the oblast, the official statistics of fruit and vegetable production for a number of years, the comparison of the advantages of the different mobile communication services.

The detailed information about the seminar may be inquired in Lviv AMP office on the contact information mentioned on the site.

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