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March 21 2005, 17:05 Agrarian Marketing Project

Raw material zones expansion of local enterprises is in focus of Poltava office of Agricultural Marketing Project (PAM)

On the 17th March 2005 Poltava office of Agricultural Marketing Project (AMP) jointly with the Myrgorod cannery (TM "Babusyny recepty") and "Nunhems" company conducted the seminar "Vegetable production: from seeds to sales. Joint work - the additional advantages" in village Petrivtsy, Myrgorod rayon of Poltava oblast.

The producers of agricultural commodities, representatives of the cannery and input supply company participated in the seminar. The main questions discussed during the event, were: the analysis of vegetable market in the region and, in particular, the development of the raw material zones for the processing enterprises; the requirements of the processing enterprise to the supplied commodities; agritechnological aspects of cucumber production and new perspective hybrids bred by "Nunhems" company for this segment.

The questions of agritechnologies and the peculiarities of cucumber and other crop supply to Myrgorod cannery were of the greatest interest. The producers were also interested in the AMP information system and possibility to use its products. The village is remote from the main sales markets, and the reception of this information on-site is very important, to the opinion of the participants; it let them save time and operate with the trustworthy price situation on the vegetable markets in the country.

Following the results of the seminar, four producers wished to produce cucumber for the cannery, many producers were also ready to start this activity in terms of the commodity crediting from the side of the processor.

The detailed information about the questions discussed on the seminar may be inquired in Poltava AMP office.

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