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April 8 2005, 09:27 Agrarian Marketing Project

AMP representative participated in the meeting of the Committee of Farmers and Land Owners Association of Ukraine (AFZU) dedicated to organic commodity production and sale

The agronomist of Crimean office, Agricultural Marketing Project, took an active part in the AFZU Committee on the questions of organic commodity production and sales on occasion of the opening of the permanent agricultural trade exhibition in Chubinskoye village near Kyiv.

The committee works actively on the creation of the legislative base for the development of this perspective market in our country. During this meeting the questions on the development of organic farming in Ukraine were discussed. We'd mention that Vladimir Litvin, the Speaker of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, took part in the Committee meeting, pointing out by that the importance of organic farming development in Ukraine.

According to the information provided by the Committee experts;' 260,000 ha of lands in our country are certified as organic; they are mainly used for organic grain production. At the same time, only 10,000 tons of organic commodities have been exported; in the EU the average size of organic farm is 15 ha, in Ukraine - nearly 3,500 ha.

At present moment some foreign companies show interest to organic farming in our country. The organic fruit and vegetable production is of a special interest as they may be used within the country (mainly for infant food production), and exported, fresh or processed, to the EU countries and the USA.

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