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April 8 2005, 09:58 Agrarian Marketing Project

Pyryatyn cannery and Agricultural Marketing Project open the program "Green wave"

Poltava office of Agricultural Marketing Project (AMP) conducted the latest in a series of seminars "Vegetable production: from seeds to sales" on the 6th of April, 2005, in Pyryatyn, Poltava oblast. This seminar was conducted on request of Pyryatyn cannery - the producer of canned vegetable commodities for "Furshet" supermarket chain under the private label "Furshet".

The main objective of this event was the technical training for the private producers on vegetable production, as it is a new form of business for many of them. Under the support of Grigoriy Ivanov, the representative of Clause-Тezier company, and Oleg Smolka, the Project agronomist, the producers obtained the necessary information on the technical questions of cucumber and tomato production for the processing needs.

As Oleg Smolka said, this seminar is the first real step on the way of raw materials zone establishment for the cannery. In 2004 Pyryatyn cannery purchased about 90% of vegetable raw materials from the producers from other oblasts. Such approach may be risky and not the cheapest. That is why the management of the cannery asked AMP to conduct one more seminar on this topic after the end of planting period on purpose to assist in solving problems connected with the production of high-quality vegetable raw materials.

The result of the cooperation between Agricultural Marketing Project and Pyryatyn cannery was the reanimation program for vegetable production in Pyryatyn rayon, Poltava oblast named "Green wave". This program is aimed at the stimulation of cucumber, tomato and green peas production in this region. In the framework of this program under the active AMP support the supply contract on cucumber and green peas seeds was signed with "Nunhems" company, one of the known leaders of this segment. Moreover, the Project was able to find green peas producer. In the framework of this program the harvesting machines on nearly 3 mln. UAH were purchased.

This year, as Oleg Smolka said, it is planned to supply on Pyryatyn cannery 500 tons of cucumber, 250 tons of tomato, and 700 tons of green peas; it may secure 1 mln. UAH of profit to the farmers. If the "Green wave" program is successful, the processing enterprise will be able to gain the sales profit in the amount of about 2.8 mln. UAH.

It is important that all these measures should lead to the significant growth of incomes both for farmers and for the processor, and also to the creation of the great number of full-time and seasonal jobs in this region.

The detailed information on the questions discussed during the seminar may be inquired in Poltava AMP office.

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