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April 15 2005, 16:55 Agrarian Marketing Project

Crimean farmers need to work together

Crimean office of Agricultural Marketing Project (AMP) plans to conduct the seminar "Efficiency increase for the association activities". The purpose of the seminar is to show to the producers the advantages of the joint activities.

The specialists of the Project have accumulated the significant experience in these questions and are ready to share it with the seminar participants.

It is worth mentioning that in Crimea the problem of cooperation of fruit and vegetable producers are especially acute. The insignificant volumes of fruit and vegetable commodities produced by each single farmer are creating the unnecessary problems during the commodity sales. And, a single farmer is practically unable to implement independently such operations as sorting, packing, storage, etc. Moreover, in the resent years the Crimean producers have been facing a serious competition from the side of Odesa and Kherson oblast farmers. Often the farmers from the mentioned oblasts are solving their problems jointly that makes them more competitive on market.

Crimean AMP office invites the interested groups of farmers - local fruit and vegetable producers - to take part in the seminar.

The details may be inquired in Crimea AMP office per phone in Simferopol (0652) 276-545.

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