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April 22 2005, 13:37 Agrarian Marketing Project

Daily monitoring of the wholesale prices on fruits and vegetables is conducted on three main markets of Ukraine, the data are available on AMP site

Honorable market players! Agricultural Marketing Project is working on making your access to the quality and up-to-date market information easier. In line with the numerous requests from the side of web-site visitors and companies who work on the Ukrainian fruit and vegetable market, on the 11th of April 2005 the Project launched the system of daily price monitoring on three main wholesale markets of Ukraine.

Since today the results of this monitoring are available to all site visitors totally free of charge. To access the information, please check the subsection "Daily" in "Price" menu or click on the direct link http://www.lol.org.ua/rus/wsprices.php and select the appropriate parameters.

The monitoring is conducted on three markets considered by the majority of market operators as the most important places of fresh fruit and vegetable trade and the centers of the wholesale price formation.

The wholesale fruit and vegetable market "Farmer", better known as "Troyeshchina", is located in Kyiv. Both wholesalers and the producers from the different regions of Ukraine are making business there. The commodities are purchased by the representatives of the retail trade, public catering and other enterprises of Kyiv city.

The wholesale market "Kopani", located in the main fruit and vegetable region of Ukraine - Kherson oblast, is the center of price formation on fresh fruits and vegetables in the country. Basing on the prices of this market, the processing enterprises and wholesale companies determine the purchase prices in the different oblasts of Ukraine. On this market there are very huge volumes of fruits and vegetables sold both in the beginning of the season and in the period of mass production. Not only Ukrainian companies, but also wholesalers from Baltic countries, Russia, Belarus, Hungary and other countries purchase commodities there.

The wholesale market "Shuvar", located in Lviv, is one of the best developed wholesale markets of Ukraine and price forming center for fruits and vegetables in the Western Ukraine. The management of the market invests large sums of money in the infrastructure development that makes the market very convenient for trade. The companies sell there fruits and vegetables usually produced in the southern region of Ukraine (tomato, onion, water-melon, peach, apricot, etc) and purchase the fresh cabbage, beet crops, apples which are traditionally produced in this region. By the way, this market offer the free-of-charge information on fruit and vegetable commodities available for purchase and prices at the moment through the "Shuvar-info" service per phone 8-(032)-295-36-36 or 8-(067)-300-08-19.

The Project would like to invite for cooperation the central, regional and electronic mass media on purpose to disseminate this information among the population. We'd like to mention that, if this information is used, the reference on Agricultural Marketing Project (hyperlink on AMP website www.lol.org.ua for electronic mass media) will be obligatory.

The Project management hopes that this information let the market players of Ukraine increase their working efficiency in fruit and vegetable sector, and this market be more transparent and fruitful for all its players.