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April 25 2005, 12:09 Agrarian Marketing Project

Lviv AMP office participates in the round table "Harvest safety - human health"

Agricultural Marketing Project (AMP) participated in the round table "Harvest safety - human health" (in the framework of the project Tacis/BIZPRO 2001 "Counteraction to the production and utilization of the fake plant protection assets") conducted in Lviv on the 21st of April 2005.

According to the information provided by Tetyana Lesiv, Lviv AMP office, the representatives of oblast and local governmental bodies, power structures, producers and distributors of plant protection assets gathered in this round table to discuss the problem of fake agrichemicals on the Ukrainian market and suggest the possible solutions of this problem.

In the process of work the impressive information was presented: today about 30% of plant protection assets in Ukraine are fake, illegally imported or repacked; 50% in small packages and 20% in the industrial packages are fakes, so the state loses up to 30 mln. UAH a year of potential budget revenues. Besides, such situation in the country compromises the governmental plans that Ukraine should receive the status of the state with market economics and be a member of WTO.

More details about the round table may be inquired in Lviv office of Agricultural Marketing Project.

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