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April 27 2005, 12:09 Agrarian Marketing Project

The clients of the Agricultural Marketing Project supply vegetables and fruits to the new store METRO Cash& Carry in Odesa

On Tuesday, on the 26th of April the opening of the Wholesale trade center METRO Cash&Carry, one of the world leaders in the trade industry, took place in Odesa. It was reported by Alexander Lasinskiy, the Coordinator of Odesa office, Agricultural Marketing Project (AMP). The company possesses the 40 years of experience in trade business management which was tested in 26 countries of the world.

The specialists of Kyiv and Odesa offices of Agricultural Marketing Project took an active part in the opening ceremony, as well as the farmers who signed the contracts on fruit and vegetable commodities supply to the stores of METRO company due to the AMP support.

On the first stage such agreements are made between METRO and seven farms of Odesa oblast; they will supply mushrooms, strawberry, grape, peach, green crops and onion in assortment, tomatoes, red beets and carrot to the stores of this supermarket chain. We are glad to mention that all the commodities supplied to the stores will be packed after the presale preparation; some of the farmers - AMP clients will sell the commodities under the own trademark.

We'd like to note that the specialists of Odesa AMP office have carried out a serious work in winter-spring period, due to this fact such agreements could become true. First of all the METRO requirements to the quality and quantity of the supplied fruits and vegetables were studied. After that the Project specialists selected the farmers who had the potential to provide such supplies.

The next step was to organize the working meetings and round tables for the producers, packing suppliers and METRO representatives; during these meetings all possible points of the future cooperation were discussed. We'd like to praise the contribution to this process made by Petrozalek company that was able to introduce to the Odesa farmers the modern approach to the packing technologies.

To the opinion of Mr. A. Lasinskiy, the opening of the Wholesale trade center METRO creates new opportunities for Odesa oblast farmers and let them try to achieve a new stage of their farm business development. It especially concerns the application of post harvest handling of the produced commodities, its cooling, packing, own TM development, etc. In its turn, the mentioned activities mean the creation of new jobs, promotion of the innovative marketing technologies, the extended assortment of the produced commodities, utilization of the modern methods and agritechnological practices. Finally the competitiveness of the Ukrainian producers and the quality of the produced commodities should be increased.

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