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July 11 2003, 11:58 APK-Inform

Efficiency of agricultural banner advertising increasing

Thanks to dynamically growing rate of visits on the web-site www.apk-inform.com, the efficiency of placing advertisements on this site is also increasing. Last month the site for the first time showed more than 100,000 pages and banners, placed on these pages. Thus, the maximal cost of 1,000 showings constituted $2 or about 10.5 hryvnias. The target audience of the site, which is the origin of 90 percent of the visits, remains to be the former Soviet Union countries - Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Belarus. Relatively large number of the visitors is located in Germany, Israel, Austria and Poland.

If you are an exporter or just entering the foreign markets, then placing an ad on the site www.agrimarket.info, you will show it to visitors from 70 countries of the world in a month.

Thus, placing a banner on our site for one month, you will get up to 2,000 passages onto your site. And if your commercial proposal is interesting enough, these 2,000 passages may turn into 1,000 clients. And you will have this for just 1,100 to 1,500 hryvnias per month! This is to compare with advertising in a special journal, which will cost at least 10,000 to 11,000 hryvnias, not guaranteeing larger efficiency though. Besides, having placed a banner on www.apk-inform.com, you will be proud that your ad is placed on the most popular agrarian web-resource of Ukraine.

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