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July 17 2003, 13:15 APK-Inform

Attention of trading companies, farmers, agricultural producers, processing associations, etc.!

If you wish to offer for sale or to bid for agricultural products in the market of Ukraine or CIS countries, you have a unique opportunity to place your commercial proposal free of charge on our Russian-language site www.apk-inform.com, and in printed weekly price-lists supplement to APK-Inform journal "Spros i Predlozhenie" (Supply & Demand)

You will thus have a 100 percent target audience in Ukraine and CIS, interested in buying your products or in selling what you are interested in. Our Russian-language site on average enjoys some 5,000 visits a day and the price-lists supplement "Spros i Predlozhenie" is each Monday distributed to more than 350 companies in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and other fSU countries, involved in production, processing and trading agricultural products.

In order that your offer or bid be placed, you should send a short text in English to [email protected], with specification of the name and short characteristic of your product (grade, class, the country of origin, etc.), the price in US dollars per unit, the amount, the terms and period of delivery (i.e. CIF-Odessa, DAF-Hungarian border, early August, etc.), the name and contact information of your company.

If you wish that your proposal stay on site or in the supplement for several weeks, you should confirm or edit it each week by any way, convenient to you (e-mail, fax, telephone).

Let us remind you once again: all our services for translation and placements of your commercial proposals are completely free of charge. We are looking forward to your offers and bids.

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