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January 3, 09:57 Fruit-Inform

Poland: GUS confirms berry production forward estimates

The Central Statistical Office of Poland (GUS) has confirmed forward estimates of berry production announced at the beginning of July, reports Fruit-Inform referring to FreshMarket.  

According to GUS’ final data, in 2017 total berry production in Poland amounted to 500,000 tons, as it had been expected previously. Therefore, Polish production of berries went down by 15% against last year.

A fall in production is mainly linked with unfavorable weather conditions in spring. Moreover, experts note that it was raspberry and currant production that decreased by 20%, as compared to last year estimates. Thus in 2017 Polish growers harvested more than 100,000 tons of raspberries and 130,000 tons of currants.

At the same time, Polish strawberry production went down by 10% amounting to 178,000 tons.