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June 13 2007, 13:26

Rates of mushroom production growth in Ukraine excel Polish benchmarks

The participants of the second international conference "Mushroom Industry 2007" have gathered in the pavilion 17 of the National Complex "Expocenter of Ukraine". During the first day of work they had a chance to learn the exclusive information about the trends of mushroom business development in Poland, USA, Canada, China, Ukraine and other countries; the specifics of mushroom production development in these countries was also covered. Ukrainian participants of the largest event of CIS mushroom industry were very exited to know that Ukraine has already managed to excel Poland as for the rates of mushroom business growth. The produced volumes have not significantly increased in Poland since the boom of mushroom production in nineties past century in this country.

The leading Polish experts of mushroom market are actively working now with large Ukrainian and international companies, which develop modern mushroom business in Ukraine. To the experts' opinion, Ukraine is the next country to witness the tremendous growth of mushroom production. The experts are willingly sharing their experience in this sphere. At the present moment Poland has already been producing more mushrooms than Netherlands, the recognized leader of this industry. However, Polish producers observe the constantly decreasing mushroom export from Poland to Ukraine; at the present moment this product allocates an insignificant specific weight in the total export volume. This fact is predetermined by the dynamic growth of mushroom production in Ukraine.

The experts think the production of champignons and oyster mushrooms is estimated to around 35,000 tons annually in Ukraine, although there is no accurate information available. Ukrainian mushroom is being consolidated, the number of the producers decreases, but the average size of an enterprise increases. German, Dutch, Russian and Polish experts say that Ukraine should expect large investors to come, because the potential of even the inner Ukrainian market has been far from being used up yet. The representatives of Polish companies believe that the first foreign investors have already been creating the own capacities of mushroom production in Ukraine now.

The most interesting technological novelties in mushroom farm with the account to the specifics of Ukraine are discussed today on the "Mushroom Industry-2007", the study tour to one of the best mushroom farms of Ukraine is planned for tomorrow.

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